Modular Constructional System PK96

The universal modular constructional system PK96 is a product
Accoustic Hood of Refrigerating Screw Compressor  -  Staropramen Brewery
Accoustic Hood of Refrigerating Screw Compressor
Staropramen Brewery
of own development of LEV, s.r.o. company. This system was developed on a base of experience from design and production of some tens of pieces of former type of acoustic hoods to increase characteristics, to expand a product line and mostly to make a realisation of projects more effective and faster. It is designed not only for production of acoustic hoods of machines as compressors, blowers, pumps, turbines, presses etc but also for an isolation of noisy workplaces (grinding plants, test chambers etc.) or for building of quiet rooms (control rooms, acoustic cabins etc.).

Multi-layer damping acoustic panels designed for the maximum damping of noise emitted from a source are an effective element of the system. Panels are produced using jigs in two basic variants of design and their composition is designed always for an individual product and a purpose of operation. Their efficiency was tested and the Engineering Test Institute at Brno issued the certificate for noise-reducing panels based on test results in its acoustic laboratory.

Typization of dimensions and individual elements enables that PK96 system reaches a high variability of use. Its goals sure are as follows:

- an easy access of attendance personnel to required areas not only during operation but also for a common maintenance
- a rapid installation without a need of dismantling of technology
- a dismantling required only during overhauls (e.g. replacing a driver)
- from constructional point of view without question advantageous small required area
- passages of technological pipelines and conduct through divided panels
- installation indoor and outdoor
- resistance against several kinds of climatic condition
- establishing of perfect ventilation with a possibility of filtration
- possibility of installation of windows or inner electric lightning